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Infinity Has This Fundamental Property

Infinity Has This Fundamental Property

Infinity has been an important topic in mathematics for a long time. Indian mathematicians mentioned it as early as 300 BC and even knew one of its most distinctive properties. This property is easy to explain..

Consider the set of positive integers I={1,2,3,4,5,..}

How many are there? Since counting these would take forever and never stop we say there are an infinite amount. So in this sense infinity denotes a big number, a number bigger than any other number.

Now suppose we remove every other integer from this set and place them in another set..


How many integers are in this set? It's infinite of course. How many integers are left in our original set? It's also infinite.

So if you have an infinite number of objects it's possible to remove an infinite number of them and still have an infinite number left!

Yes, infinity is a pretty big number.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott