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Is Mathematics Limited?

Is Mathematics Limited?

Pure Mathematicians like to think that mathematics is some form of abstract truth, something that's a property of the universe independent of us.

But Mathematics is a product of the human mind and as such is limited, probably in ways we can't even conceive. But wait, mathematics is unbelievably successful in physics, and physics describes the universe, so mathematics must be much bigger than us. Right?

Wrong. Mathematics is our invention. Sure, it's incredibly helpful to us, but that does not give it special powers. Mathematics is limited, but it's the best we have. Perhaps by studying its limitations we can learn something about the system that created it.. the human brain.

Does this mean you should not become a mathematician? Absolutely not! Poets, Painters, Scientists, Writers, Musicians and Mathematicians are a good bunch of folks. We need more of them!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
Internet Marketing Consultant