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Do Black Holes Evaporate?

Do Black Holes Evaporate?

To make a dramatic conjecture about black holes we first need to play with paper strips!

Take a strip of paper, join the ends, so you have a band. This is a model for a spin 0 particle.

Now give the paper 1 half twist before joining the ends. This is a model for a spin 1/2 particle.

Now give the paper 2 half twists before joining the ends. This is a model for a spin 1 particle.

But things get strange..

Now give the paper 4 half twists before joining the ends. This is a spin 2 particle. The only one known is the hypothetical graviton, carrier of the gravitational force. But if you play around with this thing for a while it will suddenly flip into a double thickness band with 1 half twist!

Could this imply that a graviton (spin 2) can transform into a spin 1/2 particle? Assuming charge is conserved this spin 1/2 particle must be neutral and that means a neutrino or some as yet unknown particle. So a Graviton can oscillate into a neutrino? This also means Boson to Fermion transitions are possible.

This is just a simple model, but if graviton oscillations exist the implications are deep. Graviton oscillation would change physics as we know it. Here are a few possible implications..

Black Holes evaporate.
You could imagine that graviton oscillation requires high graviton pressure - meaning it only occurs in very intense gravitational fields such as black holes. So black holes evaporate into spin 1/2 neutral particles.

The Universe is expanding.
An asymmetry in the oscillation (meaning Boson to Fermion is easier than Fermion to Boson) would lead to weakened gravity and this would cause inflation.

Black Holes are the source of dark matter.
Could the neutral spin 1/2 fermion particle account for dark matter? i.e. dark matter is produced by the decay of black holes.

The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum is violated.
Boson to Fermion oscillations mean the law of conservation of angular momentum is violated. Most physicists will not like this, to say the least.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott