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Why I Write a Math & Physics Blog

Why I Write a Math & Physics Blog

There's three reasons I write this blog..

First, I want to introduce people to math and physics concepts in a simple and casual way. It's easy to use textbooks without really understanding the basic ideas. I want to avoid that. I'm interested in explaining fundamental concepts and ideas.

Second, I want to get people interested in math and physics. Good teachers don't just teach, they create a lifelong desire to learn.

Last but not least, I want to learn math and physics. There's no better way to learn a topic than to explain it clearly and simply to others. I spend a lot of time trying to improve my posts.

So far so good. My blog has worldwide readership and I get a lot of feedback. It helps. I'm always going back and tweaking posts to try and make them better.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott