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A New Goldbach Conjecture

A New Goldbach Conjecture

The Goldbach Conjecture says.. "every even number greater than two can be written as the sums of 2 primes."

The Twin Prime Conjecture says.. "there are an infinite number of twin primes."

Twin primes are two primes separated by just one number. For example: (11,13) are twin primes, so are (1049,1051)

Neither conjecture has ever been proven or disproven and they remain the holy grail of mathematical research.

But what if they were connected?

I did a search of numeric computer tests and found this gem..

Let a t-prime be a prime that's a member of a twin prime pair. Then..

"Every even number greater than 4208 is the sum of two t-primes."

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott