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Driverless Cars - The Problem

Driverless Cars - The Problem

Oh sure, you'll see driverless cars on the road. A few here and a few there. But they will never happen in a major commercial way for a very simple reason: people love to drive.

I do. It's a skill that took me a while to learn. I'm proud of my skill and I enjoy using it. A driverless car takes that pleasure away. Can you imagine being in a car that obeys all traffic laws including speed limits?

That would be incredibly infuriating and amazingly boring.

But there's a much bigger problem. On todays aggressive roads driverless cars are outright dangerous!

Go ahead, plod along at the 30 mph speed limit while 18 wheeler trucks swerve past you at 55 mph. No thanks.

Or your driverless car hits and kills an innocent person. While you watch. Because the algorithms were not smart enough to evaluate the situation.

But there's one good thing about driverless cars - as more come on the road they will put my driving skills to the test in order to avoid them!

You gotta love the driverless car industry - a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott