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Predicting New Gravitons

Predicting New Gravitons

At the moment Physics recognizes 4 fundamental forces:

-The Color Force (mediated by a spin 1 Boson - the Gluon)
-The Electromagnetic Force (mediated by a spin 1 Boson - the Photon)
-The Weak Force (mediated by 2 spin 1 Bosons - the Z Boson and W Boson)
-The Gravitational Force (mediated by the hypothetical spin 2 Boson - the Graviton)

But if we apply the SIO (Spin Inversion Operator) to the spin 1/2 neutrinos (electron, muon and tau) we get spin 2 neutral particles. Could these be "partners" of the Graviton in a new force that's closely related to gravity. And if these new particles have high mass the new force would have very short range - making it an ideal candidate for "quantum gravity".

So just as the Electromagnetic force gets extended to the Electroweak force by the addition of new spin 1 mediating particles, so Gravity gets extended to "quantum gravity" by the addition of new spin 2 mediating particles.

Plus, could these new particles also account for Dark Matter?

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott