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Is General Relativity a Dead End?

Is General Relativity a Dead End?

Don't get me wrong, General Relativity is brilliant. It's probably the greatest insight ever produced by a single individual. And it's built from an amazing observation..

That at a given point in space acceleration is equivalent to a gravitational field. That's clever to say the least.

But we can regard an acceleration as a stress on space-time. So what happens in the Quantum limit when the acceleration is truly huge? Does it fracture space-time into discrete units or some underlying fundamental constituents?

If so that's where GR breaks down. And GR was a nice macroscopic average.

And don't forget, GR assumes space-time is a continuum. That's a classical concept which simply cannot be true at very small distances.

Bottom line: GR has to break down at some point. It's great at making predictions at the classical level. But it cannot move to the future. It's a dead end. An incredibly clever dead end. But a dead end none the less.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott