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The Nature of Spacetime

The Nature of Spacetime

We tend to think of space as nothing - simply a void with no properties. But General Relativity says otherwise. It says spacetime can get up to all sort of tricks!

Consider the case of light..

In a vacuum light travels at about 186,000 miles per second. That's incredibly fast, right?

No, it's incredibly slow.

For example, it takes light 100,000 years just to cross our Galaxy. And the Universe contains billions of Galaxies.

So why is light so slow?

Think of spacetime as something "tangible", something that provides "resistance to motion".

So light has difficulty plowing through spacetime.. which is why it's so slow.

And the situation with objects is even worse. Which is why you have to apply a force to move an object.

Moving through spacetime is like wading through molasses!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott