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The Day Einstein Got Lucky

The Day Einstein Got Lucky

When physicists describe a moving object they measure its position at different times, and obviously these positions have to be given relative to some reference points. These reference points are called a reference frame.

Special Relativity showed that the Laws of Physics are independent of the choice of reference frames - when the reference frames are moving with constant velocity.

It was a huge success. But how could Einstein generalize it?

Easy.. just do the same thing for reference frames that are accelerating. Makes total sense.

So Albert went about the usual business that had been so successful before. But then he suddenly realized something.

On a local basis acceleration is indistinguishable from gravity. Bingo. Albert could do his usual thing with reference frames and describe gravity at the same time.

A huge bonus!!!!

So he produced General Relativity. And it was a massive success. That is, until it met Quantum Mechanics. The two did not get along. And still don't.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott