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CERN - LHC to Get Major Upgrade

CERN - LHC to Get Major Upgrade

CERN has officially begun work on a major upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to boost luminosity.

When the upgrade is complete in 2026 the LHC be able to collect data at almost 10X its current rate.

CERN says..

"The secret to increasing the collision rate is to squeeze the particle beam at the interaction points so that the probability of proton-proton collisions increases. To achieve this, the HL-LHC requires about 130 new magnets, in particular 24 new superconducting focusing quadrupoles to focus the beam and four superconducting dipoles. Both the quadrupoles and dipoles reach a field of about 11.5 tesla, as compared to the 8.3 tesla dipoles currently in use in the LHC. Sixteen brand-new “crab cavities” will also be installed to maximise the overlap of the proton bunches at the collision points. Their function is to tilt the bunches so that they appear to move sideways – just like a crab."

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott