Photon Computers - When Photons Replace Electrons

Photon Computers - When Photons Replace Electrons

The electron totally dominates our current computing technology - with billions of electronic logic gates packed onto silicon chips. So if you wanted to build a photon computer the first thing you would have to do is develop a photon logic gate.

A photon gate transistor uses a single photon to switch a "current" of photons.

That's way more effective than semiconductors gates that use electrons.

The latest research seem very promising.. photon gates

Photons already dominate long haul data transmission (optical fiber). But a photon computer would be truly revolutionary!!!!!!

If this gets commercialized it will turn computing as we know on its head.

And let's not forget Quantum Mechanics. Photons are spin 1 bosons, while electrons are spin 1/2 fermions. Meaning photons play by a whole set of different rules than electrons.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott