Alexa Does Math (And Way More)

Alexa Does Math (And Way More)

You must try the Amazon Echo!

You can ask Alexa almost anything. It's kinda scary.

Just buy an Amazon Echo. It's a one time purchase - no subscription. Then install and ask away.

- Ask for weather forecasts.
- Ask for anything on the internet.
- Ask to place a phone call.
- Ask for flight status.
- Ask to play music. If you have Amazon Prime Alexa will play 50 million songs for free!!!!

But I had to ask math, "Alexa, is 1949 a prime number?" She got it right.

Get Amazon Echo. Around $49. Here.. Amazon Echo

Tip: If you're a music lover get the version of the Echo with better speakers. Around $149. Here.. Amazon Echo Plus for Music Lovers

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott