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Troubleshooting a Gigabit Internet Connection

Troubleshooting a Gigabit Internet Connection

For the longest time I've been using a Verizon Fios 100 Megabit internet connection.

But Verizon now offers an amazing 1 Gigabit connection. So I upgraded. But when I ran the Verizon speed test I only saw a minor improvement.

Then it occurred to me. WiFi was the bottleneck. So I hardwired my computer to the router and instantly got the full gigabit 1000/1000 speed. Crazy fast.

One Gigabit is a truly superb service from Verizon. But this connection is so fast many WiFi routers become a bottleneck. You'll only see the full speed if you hardwire your computer, or if you get a new generation WiFi router that supports gigabit connections.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott