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Learn Fractions Fast

Learn Fractions Fast

The hardest thing about fractions is adding them. Multiplication is easy, but addition is usually taught as a complex multi-step process. It's a real pain.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Take the two fractions to be added..

a c
b d

Take the diagonal numbers (top left and bottom right) and multiply them, a*d

Now do the other diagonal, c*b

Add the two results (a*d)+(c*b)

That's the "top" (numerator) of the answer.

The "bottom" (denominator) of the answer is much easier, just multiply the two bottoms, b*d

You're done!

Did you notice the pattern? It's two diagonals and a base.

A lot of mathematics involves patterns.

To multiply fractions just multiply the tops and multiply the bottoms. So..

a c
b d

is (a*c)/(b*d)

That's it. Fractions done in a few minutes. With the time saved why not study more interesting math topics!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott