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Goldbach's Conjecture and Mirror Symmetry

Goldbach's Conjecture and Mirror Symmetry.

Goldbach's Conjecture implies the primes have a limited mirror reflection symmetry. It's easy to see this..

Let n be any even integer >2. Then consider the sequence 1,2,3,..., (n-1)

Since n is even (n-1) is odd so the sequence has an integer at the center. Take the right hand side of the sequece and reflect it through the center and then add pairs of numbers. All pairs add to n.

Godldach's Conjecture implies there must be at least one prime on the right hand side that reflects into a prime on the left hand side.

That's a limited reflection symmetry for the primes.

Or to put it another way.. under this reflection operation primes can never totally avoid each other.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott

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