How to Mail a Ballot - (not as easy as you might think)

How to Mail a Ballot - (not as easy as you might think)

Mailing in your ballot is not as easy as you might think. Here's the process in NYC.

First, indicate your choices on the Ballot by inking in the (really small) bubbles by each name. Check both sides of your ballot, it could be double sided.

Now fold it and put it in the official ballot envelope (provided), seal it and sign and date it in the spots indicated. The signature spot is indicated by a big red X, but it's very easy to miss the date spot. Notice that the ballot envelope has a barcode printed on the outside.

Now place the ballot envelope in the official mailing envelope (provided) but make sure the barcode is visible through the window on the mailing envelope. This means there's only one correct way to insert the ballot envelope into the mailing envelope.

Now add your name and return address in the space provided on the mailing envelope.

Now mail it, but be aware it's not postage paid and you need to use your own stamps!!!!!!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott