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Vaccine 101 - How the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines work

Vaccine 101 - How the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines work

You've probably seen pictures of the Covid Virus with lots of spikes on the surface. These are proteins that let the virus trick a human cell and get inside. Once inside it replicates. When all the copies of the virus leave the human cell, in search of other cells to infect, the human cell is killed. OK for the virus. Bad for the human.

So the spikes are essential for the virus to operate. The Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines uses this to their advantage. They consist of a snippet of the virus genetic code - the exact snippet that tells how to produce these spikes.

When the vaccine is injected your cells read the snippet and start manufacturing spikes. This fools your immune system into thinking it's being attacked by the Covid virus. It's not, because the snippet of genetic code is harmless and can only make spikes and not the complete virus. But your immune system is not sure, so it goes ahead and manufactures the antibodies to disable the Covid virus.

These antibodies remain in your system. So if the real Covid virus comes along they will kill it.

The vaccine does not kill the virus. It simply preps your immune system to do the job.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott