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Was Einstein a Genius?

Was Einstein a Genius?

Yes. But he worked incredibly hard to be a genius.

He started pondering light when he was just a kid, “if I could run fast enough to catch up with a light beam what would it look like”. This developed into Special Relativity.

Then he slogged at General Relativity for another 10 years before he got it.

And he completely and totally devoted his life to physics… everything else was just an aside. Few people can do this. Few people want to do this.

Even when he was wrong he was right. I’m thinking about the cosmological constant.

But in his later years he produced nothing. It was junk. He was at heart a totally classical physicist, and he could never break away from that. But, Einstein being Einstein, perhaps he will turn out to be correct in that also. Never gamble against Einstein.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott