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Ken's Alcohol Calculator

Ken's Alcohol Calculator

First I define a fundamental unit - the "Standard Drink". It's any drink that needs one hour for its alcohol content to be metabolized. In other words it takes one hour to get out of your system. Examples are 50ml of 80 proof liquor, a 12 fluid ounce bottle of beer, or a 5 fluid ounce glass of wine.

Using this fundamental unit we can then measure drinks..

Liquor (80 Proof - 40% Alcohol by volume)
"Handle" 1,750ml = 35 Standard Drinks
“Liter” 1,000ml = 20 Standard Drinks
“Bottle” 750ml = 15 Standard Drinks
"Half Pint" 200ml = 4 Standard Drinks
“Miniature” 50ml = 1 Standard Drink

BTW: A Martini is about 200ml of 80 proof liquor which is 4 Standard Drinks and 432 calories.

Wine (13% Alcohol by volume)
“Bottle” 750ml = 5.5 Standard Drinks
“Big Glass” (10 fluid ounces) = 2 Standard Drinks
“Glass” (5 fluid ounces) = 1 Standard Drink

Beer (5% Alcohol by volume)
“Bottle” (12 fluid ounces) = 1 Standard Drink

I think the surprise here is the Martini. Knock back just 2 Martinis and you've had 8 drinks plus 864 calories. It's going to take 8 hours to get the alcohol out of your system, and a whole lot longer to get the 864 calories off your waist!

And here's my personal take on drinking..

Social drinker = 2 Standard Drinks/day.
Serious drinking problem = 10 Standard Drinks/day.
Alcoholic = 15+ Standard Drinks/day. But I hate the word alcoholic. I prefer alcohol dependence.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott