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Macintosh Memories

Macintosh Memories

It was 1984 and we were developing a Mac software app. But no WYSIWYG editor was availabe to third party developers.

So I called Susan Kare, the woman who designed the Mac UI. She said one existed but Steve decided it was too unstable to ship with the Mac.

I located the developer, Randy Wigginton in a small Mall in Cupertino, just behind a Pizza Place. I flew out and met him. He produced the code and I asked point blank "can I have this". He said yes.

I took it back to NYC and spent a hot summer studying it. It was clever. Then we incorporated it into our product and shipped in Jan 1985. The product was ReadySetGo. The first third party Mac app with a WYSIWYG editor. Perhaps the first app anywhere with a WYSIWYG editor.

Now the term WYSIWYG is no longer used. And that's good because every editor is WYSIWYG. It became the worldwide standard.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott