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Life Insurance - No Longer Boring

Life Insurance - No Longer Boring

I don't know if you're like me, but sitting down with a life insurance agent drives me nuts. I mean, a root canal looks attractive by comparison.

But I just learned it's all about the agent. Most just read a list of policy features and then ask you to sign on the dotted line.

But a new breed of agents are taking a very different approach. They ask you what you want, and then build a totally custom policy just for you.

A custom policy changes the game. It give you some powerful benefits..

- Use of your policy as an investment
- Creative use of your policy to fund projects while you're alive
- Faster growth in cash value
- Bigger and better death benefits

Oh.. and a custom policy is way less boring!

Very few agents are equipped to do this. But finding one that does is well worth it.

Information for this post was provided by Les Himel, an agent who specializes in custom Life Insurance Policies, email or phone (914) 714-2452

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott