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Most Jewish people are very serious about circumcision. I think it's true to say that all Jewish males are circumcised.

It's a religious tradition, but often justified as essential for health reasons. Why not just say it's an important religious tradition?

When it comes to Christians the situation is even more interesting.

I have an old friend, we're both Christian, we're the same age and as children we lived in the same town and went to the same school. He's circumcised and I'm not. So what drove the decision in this case? It's clearly not religion. And if it's back to health reasons then that's bogus. I'm 72 and never had any health issues down in that area.

Guess it's time to check other religions.

Hinduism discourages non-medical circumcision.

Islam say circumcision is not symbolic of being part of the Muslim community, but most Muslims circumcise their sons.

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