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Graphene Optical Fiber - Better than glass

Graphene Optical Fiber - Better than glass

Research is underway to develop optical fiber made from graphene. Graphene offers several advantages over traditional silica glass fibers:

Higher bandwidth Graphene has a higher refractive index than glass, allowing more data to be transmitted in the same fiber. This means faster internet speeds and increased data capacity.

Reduced attenuation Graphene absorbs less light than glass, resulting in lower signal loss over long distances. This can increase the transmission range.

Increased flexibility Graphene fibers are much thinner and more flexible than glass fibers, making them easier to bend and install.

Ultrafast laser pulses Graphene's unique properties allow it to handle ultrafast laser pulses without damaging the fiber. This could revolutionize applications like high speed data transmission and optical communication.

Several research group around the world are working on graphene fiber. It's not yet clear when it will become commercially available but it has the potential to revolutionize data transmission.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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