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Ken's Chicken in one dish

Ken's Chicken in one dish

This is not a sophisticated recipe, but it's fast, fresh, tasty and healthy. And it's designed to use exactly one dish for minimum cleanup!!!!!

Take some chicken thighs (with bone in) and trim of excess fat and skin.

Finely chop some cloves of fresh garlic and soak in a small amout of olive oil.

Take a casserole dish and rub butter over the inside. Add the chicken, some chopped onions, chopped carrots and some slices of sweet potato. Then pour the garlic and oil mizture over everything and mix well. Grind on some fresh pepper, add a few pinches of salt and shake on some paprika.

Sprinkle on some fresh chopped sage (use the leaves only, not the stems) and mix again. Add a spash of chicken stock.

Add a few very small knobs of butter.

Then turn the chicken skin side up and bake at 350F. Add more chicken stock if needed to prevent burning.

Tech Notes:
Try experimenting with adding a chopped green vegatable. Whatever you like. I use cabbage, or celery or bok choy.
The herbs can be anything you like. Sage is good. I also love Tarragon.
If you like things browned just broil very briefly after the dish is cooked.
If you really like garlic add a whole bulb cut into two in addition to the garlic in the recipe. And then sprinke the whole dish with garlic powder!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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