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Hallucinations in Healthy Adults

Hallucinations in Healthy Adults

A "healthy adult" is one that has not been diagnosed with any mental issues.

Here's my instant overview:

- Hallucination in healthy adults (of all ages) is by no means uncommon.

- Hallucinations do not necessarily imply cognitive impairment and may be unrelated.

- A major contributing factor is reduction of sensory input, such as that caused by hearing loss, vision loss and social isolation. Basically, the brain is not getting the level of sensory input it expects so it invents some. Hallucinations can be auditory, visual and even olfactory.

- Lack of sleep can also be a contributing factor.

- Dehydration can also be a contributing factor.

- Another contribution factor is polypharmacy i.e. taking a wide range of medications each day. A survey of older adults found that 50% are taking medications that are not needed.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor of medicine. This information is my personal opinion and is not intended as medical advice. For medical advice see a doctor of medicine.
Content written and posted by Ken Abbott