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US Presidential Election - 3 Ways to Vote

US Presidential Election - 3 Ways to Vote

For the US Presidential Election on Nov 3, 2020 you have 3 voting options..

1. Vote by mail. Also know as an Absentee Ballot. You need to apply for one. Get your application form here. It's automatically customized to your specific location. Fast and Easy. Vote.Org

2. Early Voting. Many States allow this and it's a great way to avoid the crowds. For example, in NY early voting is from Oct 24 to Nov 1, 2020. That's 9 days of early voting before Election Day! Check the early voting rules in your State.

3. Vote on Election Day, Nov 3, 2020

Remember: To vote it's not enough to be a US Citizen - you also have to be registered to vote. Register fast online here Vote.Org

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott