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Dark Matter - Is Dark Matter Sterile Neutrinos?

Dark Matter - Is Dark Matter Sterile Neutrinos?

Dark matter is still a mystery, but sterile neutrinos may be the answer.

Let's model the topological aspects of the graviton using a simple paper strip.

Give it 4 half twists and then join the ends. One half twist correcponds to spin 1/2 so 4 half twists gives spin 2 which matches the graviton.

But this simple paper strip has a very interesting property. It can "flip" into a double thickness paper strip with just one half twist. That's a spin 1/2 fermion.

This fermion is oviously neutral and interacts only with the gravitational field, because it's just an "oscillation" of the graviton. All elementary fermions have mass, so it's a good bet this particle has mass.

The sterile neutrino is like a neutrino, but it's not a neutrino. So it does not violate the 3-generation heirachy of the Standard Model. And things get even better..

The sterile neutrino is the perfect candidate for dark matter.

But it will be incredibly difficult to detect. They don't call it dark matter for nothing.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott