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Sterile Neutrino not a Neutrino?

Sterile Neutrino not a Neutrino?

Sterile neutrinos may be something way more interesting.

Let's model the topological aspects of the graviton using a simple paper strip.

Give it 4 half twists and then join the ends. One half twist corresponds to spin 1/2 so 4 half twists gives spin 2 which matches the graviton.

But this simple paper strip has a very interesting property. It can "flip" into a double thickness paper strip with just one half twist. That's a spin 1/2 fermion.

This fermion is oviously neutral and interacts only with the gravitational field, because it's just an "oscillation" of the graviton. All elementary fermions have mass, so it's a good bet this particle has mass.

The sterile neutrino is like a neutrino, but it's not a neutrino. So it does not violate the 3-generation heirachy of the Standard Model. And things get even better..

The sterile neutrino is the perfect candidate for dark matter!

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott