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Pasta from scratch

Pasta from scratch

You're going to need the right flour. This is critical. So get the "Tipo 00" Italian flour.

Sift 2 cups into a bowl. Don't just scoop out the flour, sift it. Add a few grinds of salt and a small splash of fine olive oil. Beat 3 organic free range eggs and add to the flour. Mix into a dough.

Lift out the glob of dough and kneed it for a few minutes on a floured surface. Then wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

Remove from refrigerator, roll flat with a rolling pin on a floured surface.

Cut into any shapes you want, then boil as usual. Boil in salted water.

And remember, homemade pasta like this cooks much faster than the stuff you get from the supermarket.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott