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Getting mystery packages from Amazon? Here's why

Getting mystery packages from Amazon?

There's a good change it's not an Amazon shipping error. You may be a victim of a scam called "Amazon Brushing".

This is when an Amazon seller wants good reviews on Amazon. Because good reviews are a big deal. So they setup a fake account and buy their own product.

But it needs to be shipped to a real address, and preferably that of a certified Amazon customer. That's where you come in!

They hope you'll write a great review of the product. After all, you got it for free.

They also increase their sales numbers making them more popular with Amazon.

The product is yours to keep. The seller does not care about the product. It's the review and sales activity they want. But beware, your Amazon account may heve been hacked, so change your Amazon login password.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott