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Moroccan Eggs - Simple and Fast Recipe

Moroccan Eggs - Simple and Fast Recipe

There are many variations on this dish, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here's one I like that's designed for breakfast..

Take a baking dish (Moroccan's often use the bottom section of a Tagine), add a splash of fine olive oil (first cold pressing) and some finely chopped onions.

Bake at 350F just long enough to make the onions tender.

Remove from oven.
Add tomato sauce (homemade), some fresh spinach, and some fresh eggs (don't break the yolk), and a grind of fresh pepper.

Put back in oven and turn oven off.
Let sit just long enough to wilt the spinach and poach the eggs.

Serve in the baking dish with toast on the side.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott