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Heat Pumps - Heating and Cooling All-In-One

Heat Pumps - Heating and Cooling All-In-One

Heat pumps are interesting. They are a/c systems that can run in reverse. Meaning they can cool in summer and heat in winter. And they don't need ductwork, so you can put them anywhere you like.

An outdoor compressor drives several indoor units connected through small pipes - which eliminates the huge cost of installing ductwork. They cool great, and in heating mode they can reduce or even eliminate the use of oil and gas furnaces.

And they come with a remote control. So just point and click to get what you want.. heat or cool anytime.

They are perfect for retrofit situations in older buildings. Most people initially install them for a/c in summer but then are thrilled that the same unit can also provide heat in winter.

How do you get one? Contact your local HVAC contractor. Chances are heat pumps are a massive part of their business. If not find a different contractor.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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