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Complete dinner in one package

Complete dinner in one package

This is fast, easy and healthy. Anybody can cook it. Everybody will love it.

Rip off a huge piece of aluminum foil and lightly coat it with fine olive oil.

Place a chunk of wild salmon on the foil with skin down. Grind on some fresh pepper.

Add some slices of onion, carrots and sweet potato. Add lots of chopped fresh garlic and some chopped fresh sage or parsley or your favorite fresh herb.

Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over everything. Add a small sprinkle of salt and grind on some fresh pepper.

Now fold the aluminum foil into a leak-proof package, but add a spash of chardonney and chicken stock and a tablespoon of butter just before you seal the package.

Then bake on a tray in the oven at 350F.

To serve just place on a plate, open the package and eat. Smell the aromatic flavors as the package opens!

This lends itself to countless variations. You could use different fish, shrimp, clams, oysters, chicken, lamb or beef. And the vegetables and herbs can be almost anything - the last time I did this I used Coriander as the herb with Bok Choy and Orange Peppers as the vegetables. Experiment and enjoy!

This is an individual product, so if you're a young guy trying to impress your girlfriend with your "cooking skills" make one for each of you. Trust me it will do the job!

Tech note: If you use chicken it's best to remove the skin. Otherwise you'll get a greasy broth. Beef is fine, but because of the slow cooking method there's no need to buy an expensive cut. You could also try this with lamb chops, pork chops or veal chops. For lamb I would of course use Rosemary as the herb.

Versatility note: Just to show the versatility. Suppose you like lamb curry. Make this dish with lamb cubes, then add some fresh sliced ginger, some curry powder and a splash of yogurt. Bingo.. you have an amazing lamb curry.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott

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