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Omelette a la Ken

Omelette a la Ken

Get an organic pasture raised egg and let it sit to come to room temperature. Then beat in a bowl and add a splash of 1% fat milk, add a grind of fresh pepper and a small pinch of salt.

Get a good French soft cheese such as Camambert or Brie. Leave it out to come to room temperature. Then cut a few small slices.

Spray your frying pan with oil, pour in the egg, add the cheese and cook over medium heat. It should "bubble".

Once the bottom is sealed turn the top over with a spatula. Turn the heat off. Serve with toast.

Sounds complex, but it's not. Do it once and it will become fast and automatic.

As with all cooking, much of the secret is in the quality of the ingredients.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott

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