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Fertility Clinics - Professional Help Getting Pregnant

Fertility Clinics - Professional Help Getting Pregnant

If you're having problems getting pregnant Fertility Clinics offer a wide range of treatments.

A woman's fertile years are her 20's and early 30's. By the time a woman reaches 40 her fertility is dramatically lower.

If you're having difficulty getting pregnant bypass all the usual specialists, time is of the essence, see a Reproductive Endocrinologist at a Fertility Clinic sooner rather than later. And not just for you, for your partner also. You both need to be tested.

You'll find that your fertiliy clinic offers lots of options.

Try IUI or IVF. Or if you partner's sperm count is very low try ICSI.

If you're over 40 chances are you'll need an egg donor.

And at the other end of the spectrum, if you're young and have not found a partner you can freeze your eggs. To be used in the future.

And what about DNA? Fertility clinics can now screen embryos for genetic defects, so you can avoid things like Down Syndrome and many others.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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