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River Town Restaurants - My Favorites on the Water

River Town Restaurants - My Favorites on the Water

The Hudson River Towns have lots of great restaurants, but let's focus on those very close to the water.

Over time I've found a few places I like. I've eaten often at all these.

In Yonkers we have X2O. It's out on the river in an old ferry terminal. The views are amazing, upstream, downstream and across.

Next we move to Hasting where we find Harvest on the Hudson. It's big and spacious with great food and service. And it really is on the Hudson, you can walk through their garden to the river.

Now let's jump to Irvington where we have The Red Hat. It's just feet from the river and serves great American fare.

Finally let's visit Ossining. They have 2 restaurants on the river, the big and busy 3 Westerly Bar and Grill and the small cozy Boat House. Both are good and very close to the water.

OK, I must include Croton. They have nothing specific on the river, but close is the Ocean House and The Tavern. I've eaten at both often and always enjoyed it.

So these are my picks. But there must be more. If you have a recommendation please email me at the address below.

Recommendations from readers
Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry.
Washington Irving Boat Club.
Fin and Brew in Peekskill.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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