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Very Fast Trains - The Chinese Maglev

Very Fast Trains - The Chinese Maglev

Maglev is short for Magnetic Levitation, so this train has no wheels, it floats on magnetic tracks. It's in regular commercial service in China. Its top speed is 286 mph.

Let's do a calculation. I live about 40 miles outside New York City. The express train into the city takes 50 minutes. This train would get me into the city in 9 minutes.

Or I could go from Manhattan to JFK airport in 5 minutes.

China was smart. They realized that developing this technology by themselves from scratch would take forever. So they bought it from Germany and got themselves a super fast education. So now, for the second generation of Maglev, they can do it themselves.

And yes, China is currently developing a faster version.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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