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The Secret of Great Cooking

The Secret of Great Cooking

You go on vaction to Italy and rent a farmhouse in a tiny village in Tuscany. It's way off the tourist route. The village has one restaurant. On your first night you dine there and you are blown away by the food.

So you return often and on your last night the lady who owns the place gives you a couple of her family recipes.

When you get home you go to the supermarket, buy all the ingredients, and cook exactly as per the recipe.

But it's not the same. It's nowhere near as good. Why?

Because quality of ingredients is the secret of great cooking. The lady in Tuscany grew her own herbs and vegetables and made her own pasta from scratch. And her meats were local and wild.

Give the greatest chefs in the world poor quality ingredients and they will produce poor quality meals.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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