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Ken's Martini - fast and full strength

Ken's Martini - fast and full strength

I like to make a Martini fast and with minimal fuss. So the old Martini shaker method is out. Besides, it uses ice.

Stick a bottle of your favorite Gin or Vodka in the freezer the night before. Yes, the freezer not the fridge. It will not freeze, but the low temperature will make it viscose and its mouthfeel much more interesting.

Take a Martini glass and drop in your favorite fixing - an olive, twist of lemon, touch of extra dry Vermouth, slice of fresh ginger, or nothing. Pour in the Gin or Vodka. There's no need to chill the glass because the Gin or Vodka is so cold it instantly does the job.


But remember, this Martini was not shaken with ice so it's not diluted, it's full strength.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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