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Richard Mitchell - The Underground Grammarian

Richard Mitchell - The Underground Grammarian

Richard Mitchell wrote the Underground Grammarian. He was a professor of English and classics at Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) in NJ.

I met Richard several times. He was a controversial figure, but he was also a passionate advocate for clear and concise writing. He believed that the traditional grammar taught in schools was often arbitrary and nonsensical, and he argued that students should be taught to write by reading good examples of writing.

Johnny Carson loved him and he was a regular on the show.

My brother-in-law and myself developed a publishing product for the Mac. Richard used it to print the Underground Grammarian.

Richard also had a wry sense of humor. In the masthead of the Underground Grammarian he lists himself as "Assistant Circulation Manager". He was no such thing. Richard was the Underground Grammarian in every single aspect.

I once asked Richard how I could spot great writing...

"After you've read it you will walk to the window and look out quietly."

For students of written English the incisive wit of the Underground Grammarian still survives. All issues are here.. The Underground Grammarian

Thanks Richard.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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