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Ken's Dumpling Soup

Ken's Dumpling Soup

Great dumplings are difficult to make, so let's leave that to the experts. Swing by your favorite Chinese Restaurant and pick up a load of dumplings. Make sure they're boiled not fried.

Finely chop corrots, onions, celery and a few cloves of garlic then add a sprinkle of Paprika. Saute everything in olive oil until soft.

Add a few cups of chicken broth, a cup of water, a cup of white wine and two drops of Tabasco. Grind in some fresh pepper.

Add the dumplings and simmer for a while.


Tech Note:
You can easily add meat to the soup. For example: cut some chicken into small cubes and add at the simmering stage.
If you're not a Chinese dumplings fan you can substitute Italian Tortellini or Ravioli or any stuffed pasta that's totally closed. There's also a wide range of Jewish Dumplings (Kreplach) that work perfectly with this recipe. Many nations produce dumplings.
If you want to add an extra subtle flavor finely chop some fresh coriander or parsley (leaves only, discard the stems) and add at the simmering stage.
If you want a slightly nore robust herb flavor rip up a few leaves of fresh sage and add at the simmering stage.
It never hurts any soup to throw in a few bay leaves.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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