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Apple Watch - My (Not Funny) Story

Apple Watch - My (Not Funny) Story

I just bought an Apple Watch SE. I bought if from Apple's online store. Ordering was a dream.

Delivery was a dream.

But when it came time to setup the dream turned into a bit of a nightmare.

First I was told the Apple Watch OS was out of date and needed to be upgdated. Out of date? I just bought the thing.

So I started the update process which I was told would take 2 hours. Two hours!!!!!!

After 1 hour it paused and said it could not continue until the Apple Watch was charged.

I went and unpacked the charging cable. It did not have a USB-A connector, it had some other connector that I did not recognize or have any place to plug in. Who ships a charging cable with no USB-A connector? Apparently Apple does.

So I could not charge and thus could not upgrade and thus could not setup.

I ordered an Apple Watch charging cable from Amazon. All the cables offered on Amazon had USB-A connectors.

I'm waiting for delivery.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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