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Ken's Seared Breast of Duck

Ken's Seared Breast of Duck
Get your hands on a superb breast of duck. A farm? A farmer's market? The supermarket is the last resort.

Take a stainless steel skillet and put on medium heat. When it's warm rub the duck skin side down all over the skillet. This will create your cooking fat. No need for olive oil or other things.

Once you have enough duck fat turn up the heat and sear the duck skin side down. Keep going untilt the skin is crispy.

Now turn over, so skin side is up. Add a grind of fresh pepper and a pinch of salt.

Sear for just a few minutes. Not too long.

Remove duck from skillet. Let rest for a few minutes and then serve.

TIP: How to dispose of duck fat, or any other fat? Do not pour down the sink, this could create a major problem. Pour onto a paper plate, let cool, then throw paper plate in the trash.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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