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The origin of the Internet - My personal story

The origin of the Internet - My personal story

In 1972 I was working at a national research lab in the UK. While waiting for one of my jobs to run on the IBM 360/195 I sat at a Teletype terminal on ARPANET and had a text message conversation with a physicist in the US. I decided text messaging would go nowhere. Years later ARPANET became the Internet. And text messaging kinda took off. LOL.

ARPANET was a project of DARPA who hired the consulting firm BBN to build it. It was specified to be a "bomb resistent" communications network. And so BBN came up with an amazing design based on the concept of packet switching.

Initially ARPANET was available to very few, just Governments and Government research labs.

But things changed and it ultimately became the internet, available to all.

And the clever packet switching idea? Oh yes it's still there, big time.

I would like to shake the hand of the software engineer who devised packet switching. Genius.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott
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